British Businessman Andrew Charalambous

Andrew Charalambous is a British businessman well known for as a rule not charging his many tenants security deposits and admin fees. Neither usually are financial or other references sought for tenants moving into his properties. Because of his ethical housing policy Charalambous was honoured as Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Your 2014 in the Global Business Excellence Awards.

Formerly described as “a different kind of social entrepreneur” by the financial times Charalambous claims that his policy not only helps many potentially homeless persons who do not have access to sufficient funds to rent a property but makes good business sense.

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Charalambous claims that more often than not his tenants are extremely grateful and the average length of stay in his priorities is more than double that of the national average. This according to him leads to less rental voids, and better landlord – tenant relations. Charalambous believes that the UK housing crisis is essentially a lack is affordable homes to buy and rent. Housing benefit claiming tenants should not be treated as second class tenants. But should also be have a choice of quality accommodation to live in and bring up their families. People should not be discriminated against because they are claiming housing benefit. Charalambous says if government is serious about tackling homelessness then more must be done to encourage and persuade landlords to rent properties on an equal basis to housing benefit recipients. The UK has a dire shortage of affordable homes. 1.8 million people in the UK are on council waiting lists

Charalambous is proof that kindness works in business.

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